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Cotton is one of the oldest natural fibers on earth. Its history goes back to antiquity and begins around 12000 BC. Based on various sources, the Egyptians were the first to work with cotton. Cotton was called “White Gold”.

The oldest cotton items found by archaeologists, adorned with fur and feathers, date back to 5800 BC. (they were found in a cave near the Mexican town of Tehuacan).

It is known that one of the first cotton was grown in India. One of the first cotton fabrics were woven during the period 3250-2750 BC and were discovered in the Indian province of Mohenjo-Daro. Fragments of cotton fabric and ropes from this material, produced in 3000 BC. saw the light again during recent excavations in Pakistan, in the river valley of India. In the same place, in Pakistan, cotton seeds were extracted.

The official homeland of cotton is considered to be India due to the fact that the first mentions of woven cloth and its sale were associated with it. According to Indian beliefs, cotton is a gift from heaven.

Even the texts of ancient songs have survived in India, in which the fine threads from which the canvas is made are sung.

Cotton fibers have been discovered in Peru that date back to 2500-1750 BC It is believed that for the first time on the American continent, cotton began to be used exactly there, in the country of the Incas. It was from there that cotton was later brought to Egypt. Cotton was also grown by the Mayan civilization, which lived in the region of Guatemala and the Yucatan Peninsula.

From about the 7th century BC. were engaged in the cultivation of cotton, mainly in India. The processing of raw materials was complex and long
(everything was done by hand). The resulting fabrics were worth it: they were light and wearable. It is known that in the 7th century cotton was used in China, mainly as an ornamental plant.

The first cuts of fabric cost fabulous money, due to manual mining and processing, now most of the processes have been automated.
According to statistics, today every inhabitant of our planet uses at least 7 kg of cotton per year.

Despite the fact that the history of cotton goes back several thousand years, a key one for the textile industry, this natural material began to play a role only in the 19th century.

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