With the development of electronics, drones have become increasingly popular in many areas of human activity. In horticulture, for monitoring perennial fruit plantations and informing about possible fires, in livestock breeding for monitoring the herd, and of course in crop production for solving a wide range of tasks, such as applying pesticides, monitoring crops, mapping field plots, surveying hard-to-reach fields, etc. etc. At the initial stage of the introduction of a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) into the production of agricultural crops, it was perceived as a new fashionable toy, however, at present, drones are actively used in production to solve practical problems.

According to foreign experts, drones are a more versatile and effective tool for obtaining data on the state of crops of cultivated crops compared to information obtained from satellite images. They allow real-time monitoring of the most important indicators of the state of crops, which allows agricultural producers to make timely decisions.

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