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Persimmon is not only a tasty and juicy fruit, but also a product rich in useful elements. It contains vitamin C, iodine, magnesium, calcium, iron and more. At first glance, the exotic fruit seems soft and perishable, but under optimal storage conditions, it will remain fresh and tasty for a long time.
Signs of a ripe persimmon:

Dried stalks, thin and glossy peel indicate that the fruit is still ripe on the branch.

Brown thin lines indicate its full maturity. No black spots or cracks.

The pulp should not be firm when pressed. However, too soft, overripe fruits will not last longer than a few days.

Rounded shape.

If persimmons are tapered, cylindrical, or flattened, they may taste bitter or too astringent.

Colour. The unripe fruit is light orange in color, fully ripe – from deep orange to brown.

Storing exotic berries at home is possible not only in the refrigerator. At room temperature, unripe fruit will be stored for several days. In a dark cool place, the period will increase to several weeks (but not more than a month)

Too soft persimmons will deteriorate in 1-2 days. Hard varieties (Shokoladnitsa, Sharon) are stored longer than soft ones (Vostochnaya, Hyakume). Do not cut off the stalks – this will shorten the shelf life. A fleshy berry will quickly rot with a lack of air or its complete absence. It is recommended to store the fruit in paper bags or open containers. If persimmon is placed next to apples, it ripens faster. Provide constant ventilation in the storage area. Do not store exotic berries next to other vegetables and fruits. This speeds up decay. For long-term storage, it needs high humidity – 80%. If the indicator is lower, the fruit will shrink and dry out, higher – it will rot.

After drying, the fruits retain most of the nutrients. For drying, it is recommended to choose hard varieties (for example, Korolek).
Dried shelf life is several years. Dried persimmon retains its taste and useful properties for 1-2 years.

How to prepare it: Take a firm, slightly unripe fruit. Do not touch the stem, but carefully cut the leaves with a sharp knife. Remove the skin from the juicy berry (remove a thin layer). Place in a dry and clean container. Tie the stalk with cotton string. Place the persimmons in boiling water, after adding a small amount of sugar. Hold for a few seconds and remove. Hang the bunches of fruit on the rope.

Persimmons should be dried in a ventilated and cool place (for example, on a balcony) for 4-5 weeks. After that, it is stored in a closed container.

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