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What is soil salinity. This is the process of accumulation in the ground of a large amount of salt, which is harmful and toxic to plants.
Reasons for soil salinization. There may be several reasons for this:

  1. Natural (or climatic). This applies to dry areas with low rainfall. Salt accumulates in the ground and is not washed away by rain. Or, conversely, frequent rains can also contribute to the accumulation of salt in the ground. It can also be influenced by an increase in the level of groundwater, while plants absorb water, and salt remains and accumulates in the ground.
  2. Causes caused by human activity.
    Watering with unusable water. Namely, hard water with a high salt content. Improper watering. Frequent surface watering, or irrigation, also contributes to the salinization of the land because during such irrigation most of the water evaporates from the surface of the earth, and the salts remain. Active use of salt in the garden in the form of mineral fertilizers or saline solutions for pest control.
    How does soil salinity affect plant growth?
    An excess of salts in the ground leads to its slow destruction, a decrease in fertility. The high salt content prevents plants from absorbing water, reduces air permeability in the ground. Due to the lack of water, the growth of plants stops, their nutrition is disrupted. The constant presence of large amounts of salt leads to its accumulation in the roots of plants, which causes salt stress. The symptoms of this stress are yellowing and wilting of leaves, chlorosis of plants. If measures are not taken in time, plants may die. For example, one of the reasons for the drop in color in peppers and tomatoes may be just an excess of salts in the soil where they grow.
    Ways to combat soil salinization.
  3. Correct watering with good water and obligatory loosening of the soil.
  4. Application of manure, humus or compost to saline soil for soil restoration.
  5. Since the introduction of fertilizers is just one of the reasons for the accumulation of salts, it is necessary to take into account not only their composition, but also the frequency and method of fertilizing the soil. A good method is to apply fertilizer through irrigation water.

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