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The floating robotic device was designed to safely sample grain at various depths in the silo as part of a solution to reduce crop losses during storage.

Called Crover, each robotic device is expected to save a total of 380 tons of grain – wheat and barley.

Poor conditions for fall crops, spring droughts and recent heavy rains have resulted in a drop in UK grain harvests.

Problems do not disappear even after the grain arrives at the warehouse: difficulties
monitored, uncontrolled temperature and humidity levels lead to pests and molds, contributing to global post-harvest grain losses of more than 20%.

As part of the new project “Innovate” British scientists have created the first robotic device designed for sampling grain. It will be tested over the next 18 months in a number of grain businesses, farms and cooperatives.

The patented technology behind the Crover robot allows it to float through bulk materials such as cereals and grains.

At the same time, the device monitors the condition of the product, without leaving not a single grain untested.

Now sampling is carried out only from the surface, moreover, the process is dangerous for operators. The remote sensing device is capable of autonomously collecting samples throughout the storage bunker without human intervention.

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